Dear Friends,

CARE Talks will be replicated year round, year after year in as many cities that efforts allow. Our goal is to host CARE Talks all around the country.

These talks will be hosted by recovery communities, including friends and families of recovering people.

CARE Talks will be a series of short yet empowering, energizing, informative, talks centered around solutions for the problems related to addiction in our communities. There will be no limits to the solutions for addiction. These talks will be between ten and fifteen minutes in length.

The majority of CARE Talks speakers will be people who identify themselves as people in recovery from a Substance Use Disorder. However, family members and allies presenting are welcomed and embraced for they too have solutions to addiction and the consequences that surround this illness.

A wonderful benefit of presenting at a CARE Talks is that these talks will be available at no cost to viewers online for all to learn from and enjoy. We are especially excited to flood the world with a continuous influx of solutions to our addiction epidemic.

The rules to be a speaker are simple:

1. You must have a solution to an addiction related problem.

2. You must be able to maintain listener's attention, as well present believable and motivational solutions.

3. Speakers cover their costs associated with attending and speaking, however they may solicit or recruit sponsor support to cover cost. Sponsors will be featured in the event program as well as have a sponsor table at venues that permit.

4. No speaker shall be paid to speak, yet sponsors may provide speakers.

5. The host committee selects speakers as a team and has final authority of speaker selection.

6. No language above PG rating.

7. Speakers agree to media release and their talk becomes property of CARE Talks,LLC. CARE Talks will post talks on the internet for free viewing for all that can access the internet.

The rules to host a CARE talk:

1. Must have community support.

2. Must coordinate efforts with CARE Talks,LLC.

3. Must follow speaker rules.

4. The host committee may have a reasonable level of autonomy for the type of event, yet CARE Talks must maintain its objective of quality speakers, full audience and a talking event that flows as designed.

5. After expenses, 75% of revenue goes to local host committee charity of choice and 25% goes back to CARE Talks, LLC.

We hope you will join us to be part of this monumental effort!

Thank you,

John Shinholser & Honesty Liller

CARE Talks,LLC Co-Founders