Kelli Tuck

Kelli is in long term recovery.  She has been abstinent from all mind altering substances since October 11th, 2014. She is an alum of The McShin Foundation and has had the privilege of volunteering there for the last eight years. She has recently become a jail facilitator in McShin’s jail program.

Nathan Mitchell

 Nathan is a person in recovery from a SUD. He came to McShin after participating in a McShin jail program where he was first introduced to a better way of life. In addition to his position as community outreach and advocacy coordinator, Nathan is a house leader and certified peer recovery coach passionate about sharing his experience, strength, and hope. 

Ryan Schinzel

Ryan is in recovery from a SUD.  He entered recovery through the Waterville Police Department in Maine.  The department helps individuals that come in seeking assistance for their addiction.  They send them to The McShin Foundation for Peer to Peer Recovery Support Services and recovery housing.

Dusty O'Quinn

Dusty O’Quinn was honored to join the McShin Board in February of 2019. Dusty lives in Richmond and raised both of her children here. Dusty became involved in the Richmond Recovery Community as a teenager when her father, who now has 45 years of sobriety, began his journey of recovery. Many years later that same community became an important part of her life again as loved ones struggled with the same illness. Dusty is grateful to the McShin Foundation and is glad to have the opportunity to give back.

Sara Daves

Sara is an intuitive purpose coach and your guide toward clarifying your true life’s purpose and manifesting the life experience that is meant for you.  

Archie Jones

A graduate of the Chesterfield County Jail Program HARP.  He has the chance he needed to get the drugs out of his system.  Mcshin gave him the chance to work on his mind before returning back to society for 18 months in the recovery housing.

Jeffrey Cuthbertson

A native of Chesapeake, VA, is the Founder & Lead Counselor of MPACT Counseling, LLC. His passion for mental health & his personal testimony drive for his work. In April of 2018, Jeffrey rededicated his life & has since vowed to serve the underprivileged & underrepresented community faithfully. He obtained his Bachelor’s of Criminal Justice from VCU and his Master’s of Human Services Counseling from Liberty University. He is also a Licensed Mental Health Counselor for both children and adults.