McKenzie Payne

She is a small business owner who lives in Hanover VA with her 3 boys and husband Daniel Payne. Since 2004 she has been actively implementing a lifestyle of wholeness, incorporating many forms of wellness into her life. She started a successful organic skincare production company in 2011, Mac’s Smack, which has national accounts with international reach. She  received her 200hr yoga certification and brings yoga to every body. Her motto is “Let’s love and help one another. 

Mary Page Shinholser

Mary Page is a Hanover County native, who currently works in the recovery industry. Having grown up in the recovery world, it has always held a special place in her heart. When the opioid epidemic hit an all time high, she left her teaching job and entered into the recovery work force. She spends her time within the community advocating for individuals in recovery and educating people on all aspects of the recovery world. She lives in Hanover Co with her fiance and two dogs.

Jordan Sachs

Jordan is a young person in recovery for over one year.  He is an alum of The McShin Foundation and is also the videographer for McShin.   He has struggled with addiction for years before he changed his path with recovery.

Chris Doyle

Chris was born and raised in Connecticut.   At the age of 18 while attending college he found himself getting into hard drugs. At 19 he started using heroin. Years later at the age of 31 he found The McShin Foundation in May of 2019 and has been using vivitrol since to help him on his path of recovery.

Lisa Bennett

Lisa is a mother who lost her son Tyler to an accidental overdose.  She had no idea he was using, as he lived on his own.  Through her tragedy she is now helping those in recovery from a SUD and their families.  She is a volunteer at The McShin Foundation.

Marshall Tucker

A person in long term recovery from a Substance Use Disorder since September 1, 1988. He is from the Richmond area, attended the Engineering program at VCU in the 70’s. He is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and is a jail facilitator for The McShin Foundation.  He has been carrying recovery’s message of hope to jails and institutions as a meeting facilitator for over 20 years and loves working with the forgotten people. Marshall is married with two children, both of whom are lawyers.

John Dees

A graduate of VCU where he studied in the Admin of Justice and Public Safety & the Adult Education Programs. For 27 years he has focused primarily on providing community supervision for juvenile offenders & at risk youth. Since 2003, hehas been the probation officer for the Hanover Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Program where he worked collaboratively with staff from the Hanover CSB and other agencies to assist youth with addiction issues and, often times, co-occurring mental health disorders.