What is a CARE Talks Event?

Co-Founder, John Shinholser


December 7th 2018

Dynamic Addiction Solutions

6:00PM - 8:30PM

The McShin Foundation, 2300 Dumbarton Road, Richmond, VA 23228

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December 7th 2018

Dynamic Addiction Solutions

We will have speakers that are in recovery, family members, and addiction professionals.  These talks will give you education on addiction solutions.

6:00PM - 8:30PM

The McShin Foundation, 2300 Dumbarton Road, Richmond, VA 23228

December 7th event - Dynamic Addiction Solutions

Ryan Riggs

Ryan is a person in long-term recovery from a Substance Use Disorder.

Ryan has been in long-term recovery from a Substance Use Disorder since April 20, 2015.  He is a case manager at REAL LIFE Community Center in Richmond, VA that focus on reducing recidivism, overcoming addiction, and restoring the dignity of previously incarcerated persons.  He has a background in Peer Support where he has been blessed to work with such organizations as The McShin Foundation & Virginia Center of Addiction Medicine.  Ryan lives a life in service that is prominently in his role as a father, husband, and friend.  He credits recovery of giving him a life that he never dreamed possible and he's made it his life work to help other find their path as well.

Jesse Wysocki

Jesse Wysocki is the Chief Operating Officer of The McShin Foundation, a Recovery Community Organization that helps individuals with substance use disorder. Previously, Jesse worked as a Human Resource Director at The Towers Retirement & Assistant Living Community and was the Transition Peer Mentor and Overnight monitor at The Healing Place. He is a Certified Peer Recovery Specialist and Peer Recovery Coach who has been featured on “Hero’s Among Us” Segment of channel six and “Faith That Works” segment of channel 12. Jesse has been recognized as an outstanding motivational speaker for Sussex I Prison and been the keynote speaker for numerous department of correction facilities, while also being featured on panel discussions for Substance Use Disorder for local and state organizations. 

David Rook

Through his personal and professional experience, David Rook has built an extensive knowledge of recovery, which he finds passion in passing on to others. David served as Director of Operations of The McShin Foundation for four years, creating a name for himself in the recovery community. He is a court advocate, Peer Recovery Coach, family liaison and advisor, DBHDS Peer Recovery Specialist trainer of trainers, and a presence in the political community. David has helped build VARR (Virginia Association of Recovery Residences) in the Richmond community and believes quality recovery housing is a crucial aspect in the success of an individual seeking recovery.

Brandi Rook


Brandi Rook is a woman in long-term recovery from a Substance Use Disorder since January 17, 2016. She is the Practice Manager for Dr. Peter Breslin, a psychiatrist who specializes in treating individuals with Substance Use Disorders. She is responsible for the daily operations of the office, as well as being a recovery advocate. Brandi is also the Recovery Residence Administrator for True Recovery, RVA. She is responsible for reporting to appropriate law enforcement agencies when necessary, financial tracker and is also responsible for mentoring, guiding, and enforcing rules with the females in the True Recovery RVA residences. Brandi is a PRS (Peer Recovery Specialist), with the goal of becoming a CPRS. She is very proud to be a part of the local recovery community and strives to be a recovery advocate in all areas of her life. Recovery has given her the ability and the desire to be a mother to her beautiful daughter, and also a step-mother to two handsome boys. Spending time with her husband and children is the greatest gift recovery has given her.  

Eric Oliver

Eric is in long-term recovery since December 17, 2014.  He is a father of two adorable girls. Eric was incarcerated for over 3 years because of DUI's. He is now off probation, has gotten off of probation, and has completed ASAP. He now has a great career and all due to God.

Jan Brown

The Rev. Jan M. Brown is the Founding/Executive Director of SpiritWorks Foundation Center for the Soul.  Jan is a person in long term recovery from addiction meaning she has not used drugs or alcohol or drugs since January 1, 1987.  She is an ordained Deacon in the Episcopal Church, presently serving at Bruton Parish Church in Williamsburg, VA.  She graduated from the College of William and Mary with a BA in Psychology, is certified as a Peer Recovery Support Specialist and is currently an international scholar in the International Programme on Addiction Studies. Jan will receive her Master of Science Degree in 2018 through a specialized program with King’s College in London, the University of Adelaide and Virginia Commonwealth University. Jan is also an Addictions Educator and sought after speaker on topics of recovery-oriented systems of care, recovery support services and recovery management. Jan serves as the Chairperson of the Board of Directors of Faces and Voices of Recovery, Recovery Consultant on SAMHSA States Targeted Response (STR) Technical Assistance Center Team, Consensus Panel member for the SAMHSA TIP – Peer Recovery Support Specialists and co-chair of the Addictions and Recovery Commission for the Diocese of Southern Virginia.  In 2014 she was appointed by the Governor of Virginia to serve on the Governor’s Task Force on Prescription Drug and Heroin Abuse.

Ginny Atwood Lovitt

Ginny Atwood Lovitt is the executive director of The Chris Atwood Foundation, a nonprofit organization she co-founded in memory of her little brother, Chris, after he passed away from a heroin overdose at the age of 21.  She is a certified master Revive trainer who has taught thousands of individuals, families, and professionals how to save lives with the overdose reversal medication, Narcan.  She has spearheaded the unanimous passage of two new Virginia state laws that greatly increased access to Narcan for all Virginia residents. As a family recovery coach she is part of a pioneering program that empowers family members to be their loved one’s best chance at recovery while protecting their own peace in the process.  Ginny is an award-winning advocate for substance use disorder issues, and is particularly passionate about defeating the many stigmas surrounding this disease. She frequently shares her family’s story and her work with The Chris Atwood Foundation on news outlets such as NBC, NPR, the Washington Post, and at the White House.  In her free time she loves to travel, eat, garden with her husband, and dote on their three adorable pugs.