Bob De Triquet

From Suffolk, Virginia, Robert de Triquet came to The McShin Foundation on August 2nd, 2016. He immediately involved himself with the mission of the organization and the camaraderie of the recovery house. He managed the men’s program house for five months before transitioning to Eco Flats, where he was a peer leader, building up the community and creating an atmosphere of recovery. In 2017, he became Director of Men’s Programs at McShin and his involvement is now hands on with the men, their fam

Jill Cichowicz

She is a stay at home mother of two energetic boys. After losing her twin brother, Scott Zebrowski to an accidental drug overdose on February 28, 2017 she partnered with The Mcshin Foundation and created the Scott Zebrowski Scholarship Fund to help those suffering with Substance Use Disorder (SUD) receive the help they so desperately deserve.  To date she has helped raise over $60K.   Jill also serves on the Philanthropy Committee at The McShin Foundation.

Carolyn Weems

She is running for the 7th Senatorial District. She has served on the VA Beach School Board since 2003 and believes her many years of public service, her tenacity, as well as her insight of community needs will represent the citizens of the 7th District. When personal tragedy struck, she was able to channel that grief into a state-wide initiative to fight the Opioid Epidemic. In 2017 she received the FBI Director’s Community Leadership Award, as well as a VA Beach Human Rights Award.

Tracy Talley Grow

Tracy is a local advocate for recovery, and has volunteered for various non-profits and community efforts that support recovery from SUD's, Mental Health Disorders, Grief and Loss, and Trauma.   Four months after losing her oldest son Taylor to an accidental heroin overdose she founded GrapleRVA in 2017.    GrapleRVA is a local grief and loss resource for anyone who has lost a loved one to Substance Use Disorder. They offer weekly support groups, 24/7 crisis support and peer-to-peer mentoring.

Dee Fleming

Dee lost her son Joseph to an overdose in October 2017 and has helped the recovery community since.  She is on coalitions in the areas of awareness, education, reentry, and harm reduction, and serves on the board of CARS, whose goal is to open a faith based long term recovery home in Culpeper.  She is an admin of VA Team Sharing. It is a grief support group for parents who have lost a child to substance use.  Dee is also the founder of Culpeper Overdose Awareness. provide support and solutions.

Betty Ramsburg

After the loss of her son to addiction, Betty has been an advocate for those with Substance Use Disorders.  She works tirelessly to help those struggling and their families.